Author: Meera Patel, Ayurveda Practitioner

In Ayurveda, it is no secret that seasons affect our metabolism. What we see in the outside environment gives us a clue as to what is happening inside of our body. As we transition from winter to spring, the trees are starting to release sap that they have preserved throughout the winter to maintain heat. Similarly, our body has preserved secretions to maintain a healthy digestive fire in the winter. As we approach spring, these secretions such as mucus secretions, sebaceous secretions, and sweat, start increasing. Individuals who are prone to sinus issues, allergies, congestion, etc. especially notice these being more problematic during the Spring season. In order to help release the secretions without causing disturbance to the natural flow, we have put together these top tips to help make the seasonal transition more pleasant:

Diet & Herbs

  1. Ease up on the sweet, salty, and sour foods, and instead favor astringent, pungent, and bitter tasting foods, which are considered to balance Kapha dosha

  2. Ditch cold water and drinks, and replace with herbal teas, such as ginger, licorice, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, which help increase the digestive fire

  3. Supplement with Holy Basil, combined with raw, organic honey as needed to help decrease excessive mucus production, and help with allergy and asthma relief


  1. Get your day going by 6:00am to avoid excess mucus formation, as 6-10am is when Kapha is most predominant in our body

  2. Give 60 minutes of good exercise a place in your daily routine, to provide a natural outlet for kapha to be released through sweat

  3. Eat dinner by 6pm, which is when Kapha dosha becomes predominant in our body again