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about us


a pure and eternal element of the Universe; a means of transcendence .


an ancient holistic approach to well-being that fundamentally unifies each of us with nature, our body with our mind, and our health with wellness.

akshar ayurveda:

a volunteer-driven not-for-profit brand that aims to improve overall health and quality of life by combining the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of holistic healing with modern production techniques to transcend you to a new normal.

Our Story

our story

akshar ayurveda is a non-profit created and operated by an international team of volunteers. Fundamentally rooted in the organization's single most important principle - Purity Always Comes First - the team of volunteers aims to bring the very best of the ancient science of life to individuals across the globe.

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Our Ingredients

our ingredients

One of the most important elements of herbal products are the herbs themselves. Special care is taken to ensure the absolute best herbs are used in the production of any akshar ayurveda product.

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Our Process

our process

According to Ayurvedic texts, the quality of the end product is directly related to the purity of the raw materials and the purity of the people handling them.

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Our Facility

our facility

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in India. This recently built facility is USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) registered and WHO-GMP (World Health Organization - Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant.

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Our Initiatives

our initiatives

We are proud of the fact that about 40% of our employees are widowed women from the surrounding communities. We know that by taking care of the widowed mothers, we also support future generations. We aim to help their livelihood by providing them with industry-leading livable wages, capable of supporting their families.

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